Philippine Geographical Society 2021 Accomplishment Report

The Asian Geographical Association    Philippine Geographical Society 2021 Accomplishment Report



Philippine Geographical Society

2021 Accomplishment Report





The Society held an election last November 2021 during its General Assembly. The following were elected as the Society’s 2022 Board of Trustees:


President                                :Emmanuel B. Garcia

Vice-President for Internal Affairs         : Mylene Hazel T. De Guzman

Vice-President for External Affairs        :Kathy Angela Ilustre

Secretary                                :Maria Celeste Hermida

Treasurer                                :Darlene J. Occeña-Gutierrez

Auditor                                :Lou Angeli Ocampo

P.R.O.                                        :Dominique Sasha Amorsolo

NCGS Coordinators                        :Fernand Francis M. Hermoso

                                           Timothy James Cipriano

PGJ 2017 Editor-In-Chief*                :Joseph Palis

JPGS Representative*                :Daniel Jan Cotia

*- Appointed Position


PGS works in partnership with the following institutions:

·       Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC)

·       UP Department of Geography

·       Junior Philippine Geographical Society-UP Diliman (JPGS-UP Diliman)

·       Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation

·       Asian Geographical Association (AGA)

·       ProdJx Artist Community

·       MapBeks

·       Mental Health AWhereness

PGS maintains its website,, as its main publicity medium.





In  2021, PGS has conducted the following activities


}       2021 PGS Lecture Series (PGS LS)

Amidst the pandemic, PGS was able to hold monthly lectures that showcased the different geographic engagements of  geographers and allies in the field. The PGS LS is in partnership with the UP Department of Geography. A total of 14 lectures were conducted in 2021, with the following topics and speakers:





January 30, 2021

Geographic Thinking in Community Resilience Projects


Oxfam GB

Feb 20, 2021

Participatory Mapping of LGBT Experiences and Safe Spaces

Mikko Tamura


March 17, 2021

Navigating the Future: Hope, education, and aspirations for future lives among Filipino migrants in Singapore

Evangeline Katigbak-Montoya, PhD

De La Salle University

April 14, 2021

Of Communities and DRR: the Role of P3DM

Emmanuel Garcia

University of the Philippines Diliman

April 21, 2021

Truck Bans and Truck Beds: The Politics of Waiting at the Port of Manila

Michael Hawkins

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

May 14, 2021

Mining Hazardscape and Risk Perception

Lou Angeli Ocampo, PhD

University of the Philippines Diliman

May 28, 2021

Cultural Memory for Disaster Risk Reduction

Soledad Natalia Dalisay, PHD

University of the Philippines Diliman

June 26, 2021

Prospects and Challenges for Food Security in the Philippines

Juanito Berja Jr.

World Food Programme

July 17, 2021

Purok, Pook, at Panganib: stories in times of kalisod and managing everyday risks in the Camotes Islands

John CeffreyEligue

University of the Philippines Los Baños

August 7, 2021

Mapping Bird Ecology & Conservation

Jonathan Villasper

Wild Bird Club of the Philippines

September 25, 2021

Navigating Open Spaces: The Geospatial world through the lenses of open data

Mark AimonPangan

Open Streetmap Volunteer

Action for Economic Reform

20 October, 2021

Doing Geospatial Ethnography

David Garcia

University of Canterbury

29 October 2021

Reflections on the policy shift from widespread to targeted curbs in the metropolis amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Timothy James Cipriano

University of the Philippines Diliman

17 November 2021

Geospatial Innovations for Efficient Infrastructures

Patricia Algura



}       Department of Geography Webbynar Series

PGS has also collaborated with the UP Department of Geography for the Department of Geography Webbynar Series. Six webinars were conducted with the following themes and resource speakers:





March 24, 2021

Pedaling Through the Pandemic: Rethinking Safe Spaces for the Cycling Community in the ‘New Normal’

Reidan M. Pawilen

University of the Philippines Los Baños

April 28, 2021

An Intimate Inventory of Race and Waste

Pavithra Vasudevan, PhD

University of Texas - Austin

May 6, 2021

Palestine Mapping

Linda Quiquivix

Independent Scholar

October 9, 2021

Messages from the ‘Family Photo Album’: Female Stereotypes in Philippine Print Advertisements, 1880s to 1930s

Marco Stefan B. Lagman, PhD

University of the Philippines Diliman

November 26, 2021

The Second Nuclear Renaissance in the Making? Positioning Nuclear, Climate Change, and Infrsatructure

Lisa Marshall

North Carolina State University

December 4, 2021

Reconstituting Space: Exploring Place Lexicon in Philippine Languages

Jesus Federico Hernandez

University of the Philippines Diliman





}       Innovation for earthquake resilience and response in the Philippines

The project partnership of PGS with Center for Disaster Preparedness (CDP) and ProdJX Artist Community was successfully completed in 2020. The project incorporates innovative techniques in the form of gamification of the Participatory 3-Dimensional Map (P3DM) to promote community-based awareness on contingency planning, specifically for earthquake-related hazards. PGS also spearheaded a Geonarratives Mapping activity as part of the project activities. Focusing on Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), this collaboration aimed to develop a platform to be used in facilitating inclusive participation in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) planning process. The project received additional funding from Elrha’s Humanitarian Innovations Fund (HIF) program for its second-phase implementation. The next phase of the project will be conducted until December 2022.


}       Strengthening Partnerships through Harmonized Plans for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

The Society’s partnership with PDRF has been extended with the implementation of the project ‘Strengthening Partnerships through Harmonized Plans for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management’. Under the Project Konek: Komunidad at Negosyo TungosaKatatagan, PGS will conduct mapathon activities in 12 barangays in Quezon City. The goal is to provide capacity building in the partner barangays with the creation of their local maps that will be used in their disaster risk reduction and management activities. The barangays will also be provided with a compiled risk atlas of their locality derived from the mapathon activities.


}       International Conference on Geographical Studies (ICGS 2021)

The first ever International Conference on Geographical Studies (ICGS 2021) was held on November 4-5, 2021. ICGS 2021 is a collaboration with the UP Department of Geography, and in partnership with Social Sciences and Philosophy Research Foundation (SSPRF). With the theme, “Geographies of Care: Lives, Spatialities, Experiences and Practices”, it served to highlight the multi-faceted aspect of care geographies as we navigate the pandemic and deal with the precarities of living in the ‘new normal’ and how relations and practices of care are implicated in the production of our everyday geographies. ICGS 2021 featured four plenary sessions, 15 panel sessions, and 47 paper presentations.





As the official journal publication of the PGS, the PGJ serves as: 

§       an outlet for geographic research on the Philippines, Asia-Pacific, and the Global South; 

§       a forum for intellectual contributions that establish relationships within the the discipline and related fields; and 

§       a journal for activities of the Philippine Geographical Society, field reports, invited essays, book reviews, featured maps, memorials, and selected International/National Conference on Geographical Studies (ICGS/NCGS) plenary speeches. 


In December 2021, the PGS publicized the release of the latest issues of the Philippine Geographical Journal. These issues are available online and can be accessed via







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