The Asian Geographical Association (AGA) is an international, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit scientific organization, whose principal objectives are to stimulate the development of geography in Asia, to advance research and educational activities in all fields of geography in Asia, to promote the dissemination of knowledge of geography in education, business and governmental organizations across Asia and to improve communication and facilitate cooperation among institutions in member countries. The AGA was formally established in Guangzhou, China at the 4th Asian Conference on Geography in 2018, in order to promote development of geography in Asia. The AGA fulfils its aims through establishment of working groups, organizations of international conferences (Asian Conference on Geography, abbreviated to ACG), publication of academic and educational activities and information exchanges. Membership of the AGA is normally by countries and regions. At present, 24 countries and regions of Asia are affiliated to the AGA through their national member societies. The activities of the AGA are steered by its Council and its Executive Committee.